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Whats In My Bag?

The best part of starting a cosmetology program has to be the first day when you get to open your kit for the first time. If you have any kind of love for the industry then your eyes will grow twice the size when you see everything you get. Now your school may be different but at mine a company put together our kits and ships them to the school for distribution. If you want more info on going to >>Cosmetology School<< check out This Post!

What's In My Bag- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
The Stanley case is what they give us.
I bought my rolling duffel bag from Bealls on sale for $20!
    The kit is what gets you through hair school and it includes 2 grand worth of stuff and has almost everything you'll need.
Bealls Stores

Included In Mine:
  • Mannequin Heads (3): Some people name theirs. Don't get to attached because eventually they will end up with no hair and you'll move on to the next one.
  • Shampoo Cape: Has a Velcro closure. Water resistant and comes in every color or pattern out there.
  • Styling Cape: Has a button closure. Great for cutting hair or performing chemical services.
What's In My Bag- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
Style Cape... Shampoo Cape
  • Butterfly Clips (12): To securely hold large sections of hair back.
  • Pelican Clips (7): Great for holding foils out of the way or small sections of hair.
Banana Clips & Butterfly Clips http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
Butterfly Clips Up Top
Pelican Clips At Bottom
  • Cutting Combs (12): Multi-purpose combs with inch measurement on it. Used to cut hair with.
  • Rat Tail Combs (12): Use to section the hair.
  • Teasing Comb: Used to tease the hair and backcomb or pickup hair styles with the pick on the end.
  • Barber Comb: Fantastic for taper cuts on both sexes.
  • Foil Comb: For placing foil in the hair and sectioning hair. 
  • Carbon Combs (6): Heat resistant pack of combs great when used with thermal (heat) styling.
  • Pick: Rarely something i use but can be used to pick out curly hair after a perm or thick coarse hair.
Cosmetology School- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
Up top is my pack of multi sized carbon combs.
From left: Wide tooth comb, pick, cutting comb, teasing comb, barber comb, rat tail comb, foil comb (bottom)
  • Small Round Ion Ceramic Brush: Changes colors when hot. Can be used for short fine- medium length hair. For longer hair use smaller sections. Adds great volume.
  • Large Round Ion Ceramic Brush: Great for fine to medium long hair. Can create large amounts of volume in the hair depending on blow drying technique. 
  • Large Coarse Hair Round Brush: Perfect for blow drying and stretching thick, curly, wiry, coarse hair.
  • Paddle Brush: Can be used to brush out wet tangled hair or style dry hair. I use it to blow dry hair flat and smooth with no curve.
  • Boar Bristle Brush: Perfect for smoothing out styles in the hair or loosening up skin, dandruff, and product build up from the scalp. I spray hairspray on the bristles and run the brush over my style to finish.
  • Vent Brush: Useful tool in blow drying hair quickly and efficiently. 
Hair Brushes- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
From Left: Paddle brush, coarse hair round brush, large round brush, small round brush, vent brush, boar bristle brush.
  • Water Bottle: It will break or warp/melt. Do not leave in the heat or in the bottom of your kit. Empty before placing it in your case no matter what. Never assume it wont leak.
Sally Beauty Supply Water Bottle- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
  • Blow Dryer w/ Concentrator: Used to dry and stretch the hair or add volume. Can be used with a range of accessories like a concentrator or a diffuser. A concentrator sends the air flow to a specific part of the hair focusing the heat in that one spot. A diffuser is needed when styling curly hair. It sets in the natural curl pattern of the heat while reducing frizz and adding volume. 
  • Flat Iron: They come in all shapes and sizes but yours will probably be a standard 1 inch. Used to straighten the hair.
  • Small Curling Iron: The best tool for spiral long cascading curls. Great for up do hairstyles or special events. 
  • Large Curling Iron: Best for barrel curls or volume rich full curls.
Cosmetology School Kit- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
Heat Tools
  • Tint Bottles (2): A standard color bottle but on mine the tip is at an angle to make application of color easier. You shouldn't use this for color or grey retouches.
  • Tint Bowl: Not just for color. You can use this bowl to hold conditioner or clips. 
  • Tint/Color Brush (2-4): Multi- purpose and used to apply color, conditioner, relaxer, etc. you can use the end to section off the hair also.
  • Color Gloves: Usually these will be a thicker rubber. Your school should have disposable gloves. Use those if you can because you can throw those away instead of wasting your own and then adding powder to them.
Cosmetology School supplies- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com

  • Shears: I received a set of shears to use on my mannequin. It contained a pair of thinning shears and a pair of regular shears. In my 2nd 6 weeks at school I received my Kasho shear set containing a razor, thinning shear, and a regular shear. With the Kasho shears I was given a satchel and a case for the shears. I don't wear it but I do keep my shears in it.
Hair Scissor's- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com

Hair Shears- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
From Left: Razor, Kasho shears, Kasho texturizing shears, mannequin shears, mannequin texturizing shears.
  • Clippers: I was given a box with a trimmer and a regular clipper. These came with guards in various sizes. I use these on my male clientele or women with short hair styles.
Barber Tools- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com

  • Mirror: My mirror came in bubble wrap and i kept it inside of the bubble wrap which is the only reason it didn't break until I was out of my first 12 weeks. I couldn't find one student with their original mirror. It never fails to crack so I did not replace this item because at my school the front desk keeps one for just this reason.
Cosmetology School Mirror- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
Original Mirror

  • First Aid Kit: I put this kit together and everyone should have one. The school supplied me with the tweezers to tweeze clients after they've been waxed and the timer that came with a dead battery. I never use the timer.

Cosmetology School Health Kit- http://hairdr13.blogspot.com
Contains:  Gauze, tape, timer, tweezers, bandaids, Neosporin, alcohol wipe, and medicine.
I promise you will have to and want to add things to your kit. You can take these items off of your taxes at the end of the year. Some items could break or become misplaced. I love shopping for things to add to my case and I look at it as an investment for my future!

Cosmetology School
My School!
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